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Frequently Asked Questions
Enigma Cards

The Viewniverse is an expansive world inhabited by all kinds of unique beings.  You may see some of these enigmas pop up from time-to-time in your journey through the Viewniverse - Alumneye, Guardian of the Galaxeye, Mother Lizardtooth and Master of the Viewniverse.  You'll be able to identify them by their special 3-lobed loop icon.  If you're lucky enough to come across them, you may use them in any Viewniverse game you play.  Simply follows these rules:

  • In addition to the Viewniverse set(s) that are being played, each player may choose one Enigma card to begin the game with.  Every player using an Enigma card must show their card to all other players before the start of the game.

  • The Enigma card will state what zone (e.g. Field of View, Hand, etc.) the card must be in at the start of the game.  The actions on the card are performed as stated.

  • If an Enigma card allows an extra card to be used from outside the game (e.g. Master of the Viewniverse), the rules applicable to the set that card is from are applicable to the game being played.  For example, if a card from The Winking Dead is used, players can lose the game by being overwhelmed by the Zombeye plague.

  • Remember to collect your Enigma card at the end of each game.

  • Enigma cards are allowed to be played in sanctioned tournaments.