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Viewpoint... Revisioned

Viewniverse is an episodic remastering of the original Viewpoint series of card games – Viewpoint (released in 2009) and Viewpoint Reflections (released in 2011).  In the tradition of its predecessor, the cards and rules in Viewniverse are quirkily based on theme of vision and provide absorbing experiences for all types of gamers from causal gamers to dedicated gamers.  However, Viewniverse amplifies these experiences by introducing full characterisation, new artwork and graphic design, series-wide themes and new mechanics combined into a new multi-set card game series; with each set representing an episode in the adventures of the Viewniverse characters.

The first two Viewniverse episodes – Viewpoint Revisioned and Eye vs Eye – re-acquaint gamers with the pun-filled hilarity of the original game whilst introducing them to a whole new Viewniverse to explore.  The next two episodes stretch the boundaries of game design by melding traditional ‘take that’-style gaming with a level-up, collectable gaming system in Prehistoric Park and edge-of-your-seat survival adventure gaming in The Winking Dead.  Just like the original game, all Viewniverse sets can be played on their own or combined for even more shenanigans, with every two episodes connected via storyline, thematically and/or mechanically.

"… and in the blink of an eye, we were gone." - Eyestein to Iris and Hawk

"Hawk looked over to Iris and grabbed her hand.  The lights in the laboratory continued to dim as the Cyclotron drew more power from the grid.  Eyenstein hurriedly adjusted the controls to stabilise the system but the power drain continued.  The space around the Cyclotron began to pulsate with an eerie teal glow.  The trio jumped back as the glow expanded and expanded again.  Professor Eyenstein called for Iris to “terminate the experiment”.  She rushed over to the emergency stop on the wall and slammed it hard but to no effect.  The glow soon encompassed the laboratory, its occupants and beyond.  Then, as the last of the power appeared to have drained, the Cyclotron stopped cold and the glow changed from its teal hue to a pearlescent black light that instantaneously rippled across Myclopia.  There was no sight of the trio after the blackened flash and it appeared that they had vanished in the blink of an eye!"

"Our planet once thrived... before the Biclopians came." - Triclops to the Blinkers

The Blinkers and other one-eyed companions and adversaries are transported from their two-dimensional realm of Myclopia after a cataclysmic event caused by Professor Eyenstein’s Cyclotron experiment.  The event becomes known as ‘The Blackout’.
The Blinkers arrive in the dimension of Triclopia which is inhabited by strange three-eyed beings.  After the Blinkers initially evade Triclopia’s hostile inhabitants (who want to capture the strange intruders), Professor Eyenstein hypothesises that the glowing emanations from the Cyclotron have imbued them with an ability to attract trans-photonic particles called ‘veutrinos’ that will cause them to ‘blink’ to other dimensions throughout the Viewniverse.  He surmises that they will need to construct a device to harness and manipulate the veutrinos to help control their ‘blinking’.  Until they have this device, they will blink randomly between dimensions.  Fortunately, though, because they were near each other when the event happened, they will normally blink to new dimensions together.  Their main concern is will they ever be able to blink back home.

"Eye to eye, do you think being stuck blinking around the Viewniverse was an accident?" - Silas to Eyestein

Eyenstein and Iris are separated from Hawk during the blink from Triclopia.  Just as they are about to reunite with him, Hawk encounters his Spytopian counterpart, Eagle, who is a private detective.  Eagle has him detained by the authorities so that he can figure out where his doppleganger came from.

Meanwhlie, in an attempt to find a safe haven and devise a way to rescue Hawk, Iris and Eyenstein go to where Eyenstein’s laboratory would be on the Spytopian version of MEyeT and encounter Agent π, a secret agent posing as a physicist, who uses the laboratory on Spytopia.  Agent π soon discovers the pair’s capabilities as well as what type of technology they might need to return to Myclopia.  This leads them to become embroiled in a clandestine plot to destroy a nefarious technology company called the ‘Observatory’, which is trying to access other times and dimensions using a device called the ‘Kaleidoscope’.  The trio hatch a plan to infiltrate a top-secret facility to steal plans for constructing the Kaleidoscope.  The plans are part of ‘Project Hindsight’ and are classified under the ‘20/20 Protocols’.

"This is my Garden of Eden and you are the apple of my eye." - Doctor Crichton to Neandeyethal

The Blinkers arrive on Menagerie, a dimension where a geneticist called Doctor Crichton is creating new breeds of creatures through mutating and gene-splicing prehistoric and modern DNA.
Iris spots a group of cute, fuzzy mammalian creatures and, when she goes near to them, they start to mutate and become savage beasts.  The Blinkers flee and encounter Doctor Crichton’s facility.  He cordially invites them in and explains his “research” but is obviously keeping a lot of secrets.  Hawk is extremely interested and questions Doctor Crichton from a medical standpoint.  Iris and Professor Eyenstein are getting a bit anxious when, suddenly, an alarm is raised.  Doctor Crichton explains that someone is attempting to free his creatures and this has been going on for a while.  This time, Doctor Crichton’s helpers have apprehended a mysterious intruder who may shed light on Doctor Crichton's "experiments".

"It started off as a simple eye infection but it got a lot worse from there." - Major Focus to Hawk

The Blinkers have been spending the last month enjoying themselves on the relatively peaceful dimension of Paradise.  They’ve been living a low-paced lifestyle whilst Iris and Eyenstein have been theorising ways to modify the Kaleidoscope to return them to Myclopia.  Hawk is enjoying the time off but is also monitoring reports of a strange viral outbreak.  Iris is still having visions and suggests that they attend a carnival that is visiting so that she can consult a mystic as well as have some fun.
Meanwhile, the surviving Rabid Mongrel from Menagerie, who unknowingly blinked with the Blinkers, has been infecting the inhabitants of Paradise with a Zombeye virus, which causes them to die and be reanimated.  Unfortunately for the Blinkers, the Rabid Mongrel is on a direct path towards the carnival.

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