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Viewniverse is an episodic adventure card game series that immerses players within the dimension-hopping adventures of the Blinkers, one-eyed beings from the planet Myclopia.

Each episode takes the Blinkers to a new world in the Viewniverse - such as Triclopia, Spytopia, Menagerie and Paradise - with the objective of the game to amass enough Viewpoints to transport the Blinkers home... or to their next adventure.

Each Viewniverse card game can be played as a standalone episode or mixed in any combination for a more thrilling adventure.

Viewpoint Revisioned - Introduction
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“Great fun. Quick, lightweight, social, addictive.”

BoardGameGeek member

“Love the game.”

Shawn Stamatakis, 3rd place in Viewpoint Player of the Year

“Outstanding card game.  The more you play, the more fun you will get.”

Barry Wonson, member of the UoW Guild Gaming Society

“I'm a huge fan of Viewpoint.”

Liam Fraser, owner of Overdrive Gaming


Alex Fleig, Viewpoint World Championship Runner-Up

“I would highly recommend Viewpoint as an excellent game...”

Keith Done, independent game designer and former LXG President

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